Summary 2017

2017 production year results

Pelagic gear

2017 was an amazing year for us as we supplied 168 pelagic trawls: ranging from 576m for the Russian new build factory trawler Teriberka up to the huge 2800m pair trawl for the Greenlandic factory trawler Polar Amaroq.

This year we delivered our trawls to 18 countries for any fish species

Demersal gear

We back to our basics: this year we supplied 21 bottom trawls for russian Far East companies.

We invented and tested in flume tank new demersal trawl with 8-panels light-weight belly. This belly has same construction, as on our pelagic gear.
Supply and service

125 new pelagic codends supplied to our customers in 16 countires for any type of vessels.

Our specialists visited more than 50 vessels in different ocean regions to fine-tune new gear aboard.

Inventions and development

2 new technologies for trawl bellies, 4 new trawl models and improved cod-end construction - main result of this invention year.

In 2017 we expanded our production facility with new PEN-ropes machinery. Now 1 of 3 trawls we supply with this revolutionary material.
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