IceFish & RusFish 2017

Fishering Service represent new technologies on Icefish and Russian Fish in September 2017

Fishering Service aimed at the market for trawl gear in North Atlantic and North Pacific taked a part in IceFish and Russian Fishing Expo in September 2017.
The company's trawls today are most interest for this fishing areas. Both exhibition stands attracted an impressive amount of visitors.
Icelandic exhibition gave two confirmed contracts, russian - one confirmed and two potential.

The President of ICeland Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson and more than 20 skippers visit our stand and discuss new possibilities of fishing in Iceland waters.
Fishering Service represented two new technologies for skippers, who use company gear for more than 5 years. And this technologies will be used in next fishing seasons on few Icelandic vessels.
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